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Ireland has finished its synodal listening process and guess what, Irish people have responded generously and warmly to the national process in their tens of thousands.

What are they saying? Well that’s the point of this new monthly publication The Synodal Times. We are responding to the call of Pope Francis to help the Church, the clergy and laity discern what the Spirit is saying to our Church today. The Pope wants us to talk and discuss, listen and hear each other; there is an openness now that hasn’t been felt before.

For 40 years clergy, religious and lay have been calling for renewal in ministry but it largely hasn’t happened? Why is that?

And where are our young people? Can liturgy be made better? What about the treatment of women, minorities, people with disabilities? All of these issues and more are discussed in your one-stop all inclusive The Synodal Times.

From what the Irish dioceses decided are the major issues that need to be actioned to what has been discussed internationally, we examine how we can use the information to effect renewal in the Irish Church.

A faith that reads is a faith that breathes.

Garry O’Sullivan
Editor-in-Chief | The Synodal Times

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