Grainne Doherty

“Enlarge the space of your tent” (Is. 54:2)

“If ever proof was needed that the scriptures are the living word of God that speak as radically to us today as to the people who first listened to them, then the quote used as the title of the Synodal Working Document, is that proof,” writes Grainne Doherty.

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Soline Humbert

Pope Francis on women in the ordained ministries

“The tragic irony of course is that Pope Francis’ favourite metaphor for the Church is that of a field-hospital. But for me the Church is the very place where the injury of rejection, the wounding of discrimination is taking place, and he is part of it,” writes Soline Humbert.

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Jane Wakahiu

The Epiphany of the Lord – A different way

Matthew explains that, after adoring Jesus, the Magi “returned to their own country by a different way”. The word “way” has several meanings, “a course travelled, a new direction, a possible decision or outcome, a habitual manner, or a mode or pattern of behaving”, writes Sr Jane Wakahiu.

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