Prominent lawyer says Pope wants more women in the Vatican

The Italian lawyer, Francesca di Giovanni, sees good career opportunities for women in the Vatican under Pope Francis.

The Italian lawyer Francesca di Giovanni sees good career opportunities for women in the Vatican under Pope Francis. However, they must be faithful to the Church and not mistake authority for power, the undersecretary (“number three”) in the Vatican Secretariat of State told Germany’s Catholic News Agency (KNA) in an interview.

The lawyer responsible for multilateral relations said that despite resistance within the Church, she saw progress, especially for professional and well-educated women. Pope Francis, in any case, wanted “a stronger female presence also in the Roman Curia”.

Di Giovanni recommended that women who wanted to make a career in the Vatican should get themselves educated and acquire knowledge that they could bring as a contribution to the Church. In addition to professionalism, “fidelity to the Church and to the gospel” was important; this was a “fidelity in freedom”.

She said that fundamentally, it must be questioned whether it is correct to understand authority in the Church as power. Authority in the Church must be seen “more as a service to people” and as a service to God and to one’s neighbour.

“This would also lead to the collapse of many hierarchical superstructures,” di Giovanni said in the interview. A role that conferred authority must be understood in the Church first and foremost as a service.

Originally reported by KNA Germany. 

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