The Synodal Times – out today!

The second edition of The Synodal Times will be released on Thursday, September 8 across parishes nationwide and is not to be missed.

The next edition of The Synodal Times is coming your way today and is not to be missed! 

Thank you all for your support thus far – it’s thoroughly heartening to witness so many people take interest in the future of the Church and offer their testimony of how the Church has been of benefit to them, and conversely, areas that they feel need to be improved. 

Featuring both national and international comment and analysis from a diverse range of contributors, The Synodal Times astutely dissects the pressing issues which currently affect Catholicism, making sure to identify the problems and most importantly, offer honest solutions. 

What is going on with the German Synod? How will the priesthood fare in the future? Have we earnestly listened to the voices of women in our Church? Can Ireland’s crisis of Faith be tackled? What are the faithful saying in other countries? For answers to these questions and more, make sure to pick up your copy of The Synodal Times – available across parishes nationwide. 

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