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Continental Assemblies

In April, The Synodal Times will be featuring coverage from the Continental Assemblies taking place across the world, including those being held in Asia and Africa, and analysing the final reports they send to Rome.

Lay people

Lay people will not only be represented at the Synod of Bishops in
Rome in October, they will also be allowed to vote! How will this work?

Pobal De 

We will be taking a look back to when the Pobal De movement in
Ireland sent a submission to the Synod of the Laity in 1987 and we
ask – has anything changed at all?

A Church without priests …..

Thousands of laity in Belgium are campaigning for the priesthood
to be abolished. Are priestless churches on the horizon?

Full coverage of a hectic final Synodal Path assembly in Germany

While a frenetic final session of Germany’s Synodal Pathway,
laden with twists and surprises, will be covered by us.

Selecting the Church’s choicest cuts

And finally, an ‘Out! Out! Out!’ guide to a better Church.

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